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This story is not a real incident that happened but just an essay. There was a new bride named Andy and Desy which tells the story of the first night.

Here's a funny story about the story the first night:

In a place just had a wedding, the bride's name was Andy and Desy. After the event is finished, a pair of newlyweds went directly to the room going through his first night. In the rooms have been collected many gifts from their friends, one by one she opened gifts and laughed Desy sudden delight. Turns out he found a shoe containing gifts. He was anxious to try it, but the shoes were too small. Desy continues to force it to try it, but it still can not. Andy who saw it happen so it does not have the heart and continue to ask:

Andy: "Why dear, is too narrow?"

Desy: "Yes dear, very sick ..."

Andy: "I enter slowly?"

Desy: "Yes dear, but do it out loud"

Her husband helped put a shoe on the foot of his wife's narrow with little force.

Desy: "love, pain ... too narrow ..."

Andy: "Hold dear, I try again"

Without them knowing it, the mother of the bride named Mimien, listening behind the door. This bride's mother apparently thought differently. He did not have the heart to his daughter who had difficulty during the first night, so no resistance forced the bride's mother interrupted from behind the door.

Mimien: "Why son, hard to get in?"

Desy: "Yes mom ..."

Andy: "Too little mother ..."

Mimien: "Try to be saliva ..."

Andy: "I'll take a mother."

Desy: "Quick honey, smeared with the same saliva ..."

With the haste of the groom gives his wife the whole surface of the foot with saliva.

Andy: "Try again inserted dear?"

Desy: "Yes, my dear ..."

Once the legs are inserted saliva turned out to be easily entered.

Andy: "Well ... go right?"

Desy: "Yes ... but ..."

Andy: "Why, still hurting you?"

Desy: "Yeah, was not too much anyway, even already good."

Mimien: "Well ... tuh get in? Now we just rocked my boy."

That's a funny story which tells of a pair of newlyweds in the first night. The story first night was not a real event, it is simply an essay that are entertaining. I hope you enjoy your time reading it.

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