Unexpected | Funny Story

Hi everyone, I returned again to write a funny story just for you all the latest. The story was titled Unexpected, and I hope you can be entertained after reading it. This is a funny story about a grandmother who gave his plantation business to his grandson. Here is the story.

There is a child who has long wander finally decided to come home and see her grandmother.

Grandma: "Grace, I'm not strong anymore, I want you to continue the plantation business ..."

Grace: "Do not talk like that grandma ..." (in my heart, I was lucky, was not in vain I got home.

Grandma: "All the contents of estates, such as farms, villas, tractor for you. Please watch carefully, do not forget to water the plants every day."

Grace: "Well grandma, grandma do not worry about it ... But where lies the grandmother's estate? I never saw it?"

Grandma: "On my Facebook, Farmville, then will I tell you the password."

Grace: "?????"

That's a funny story titled Unexpected. I hope you enjoyed the story, and thanks for visiting my site.

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