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This is a story titled Message from Mother. Tells the story of a father who meets a boy cookie seller. In this story, a lot of lessons we can take. This story is an illustration of the struggle to live a positive attitude and honorable. Despite their poor possessions, but mentally they are rich. Poverty is not to beg and ask for the mercy of others. But by working hard, and honest. Here's the story:

One day, a father with a rush into a restaurant. After ordering food, a young salesman approached cake. "if you want to buy a cake sir? still warm and tasty!"

"No son, I want to eat rice," said the young man refused.

Smiling, the boy went and waited outside the restaurant.

See if the father has finished eating his food, the boy approached him again and offer it sells cakes. When the father was going to walk to the cashier to pay for his food. The father was again rejected, "No son, I have been satisfied."

While continuing to follow the father. the boy said, "The cake can be brought home, sir."

After paying his food, he returned his wallet and opened it again. Issued two sheets of thousands and he gave it to the child's cake seller. "I do not want cake. Money is just take alms from me."

Gladly the boy accepted the money. Then, he rushed out of the restaurant, and give money to beggars in front of the restaurant.

The young man watched closely. He was surprised and slightly offended. He was immediately admonished him, "Hey little brother, why the money you give to someone else? You sell it to earn money. Why after you get the money, then you give to beggars?"

"Sir, I apologize. My mother taught me to earn money from selling the business on his own labors, rather than begging. The cakes are made by my mother and my mother would be disappointed, angry, and sad, if I accept cash gift from the father is not the result of selling cookies.

The father was amazed. "Well, how many cakes do you have now? I want to buy it all". The child immediately calculate.

By submitting the money the father said, "Thank you son, for the lesson today. Convey my greetings to your mother."

A lesson can we take from this story. A story that tells us to keep trying to live this life as long as we are able to do that. Message from Mother, I hope you enjoyed reading this story and of course also be beneficial to you. Thank you.

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