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A child is the fruit of the heart of every family. Parents everywhere will not bear to see her child was in distress. However, very ironic, lately a lot of parents who have the heart to dispose of abandoned children.

To that end, this is a love story of a child who hopefully can open our hearts to parents anywhere in the world.

Twenty years ago I gave birth to a boy, his face was quite handsome but looks a bit silly.
Sam, my husband, named with Eric. More and more it seems clear that Eric was a bit retarded, then I intend to give to others.

But Sam prevent my bad intentions, and finally forced me also raised.
In the second year after Eric was born, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter and named Angelica. I am very fond of Angelica, as well as Sam. Often we take him to amusement parks and children's clothing bought her a beautiful, beautiful.

But Eric is not the case, he only has a few old clothes.
Sam intends to buy, but I was always forbidden by reason of saving the family money.
Sam always do what I say. When Angelica 2 years of age, Sam died. Eric was 4 years old, our family became impoverished with more and more debt.
Finally, I take actions that make me regret it for life. I left the village of my birth and Angelica. Eric was asleep, I left. Later, I lived in a hut after our house sold to pay debts. After a year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years .. has passed since the incident occurred.

I have been married again with Brad, a grown man.
Thanks to Brad, the properties My bad that was originally grumpy, selfish, and haughty, changed
little by little become more patient and loving.
Angelica has been aged 12 years and we send her daughter at boarding school of care.
No longer do remember about Eric and nothing else who remember it.

Suddenly flashed back to the story's ironic that occurred before I did.
Only now I realize how bad my actions first. Eric shadow suddenly flashed back in my mind.
Yes Eric, Mommy will pick you up. That afternoon I parked my blue car next to a hut, and he looked at me with a surprised look from the side.
"Mary, what happened exactly?"

"Oh, Brad, you would hate me after I told
I've done before. "I tell the story with to cry.
Apparently God does good to me, has been give a husband who was so kind and understanding.
After I stopped crying, I was out of the car followed by Brad from behind.
My eyes stared at a shack that I have ever lived several months.

However I did not find anyone in it, there are only a piece of cloth lying on the ground floor. I take and watching him closely.
I recognize pieces of cloth as formerly worn secondhand clothes Eric daily.
I was very surprised because the atmosphere was dark all. Then there it faces an old woman. Again, I gave a start when he was suddenly called me with a husky voice.

"Heii ...! Who are you?! What are you doing here? "

With courage, I asked, "Mom, did you know
with a boy named Eric who used to live here? "

He replied, "If you mother, you really have the heart, you know, 10
years ago since you left here, Eric continues waiting for her mother and called,
"Mommy ... mommy! 'Because not bear to see it, I sometimes feed her and took her in my joint. Although I am poor and only work as scavengers, but I would not leave my child!
Three months ago, Eric left this letter. He learned to write every day for years just to write this for you ... "

I also read the writing on the paper ...

"Mommy, why Mommy is never coming back ...? Is Mommy angry with eric? Mom, Eric just let that go, but Mommy had to promise that Mommy would not be mad at Eric again. Bye, Mom ... "

I cried reading the letter. "Mom, please tell me where is he now? I promise to meyayanginya now!
I'm not going to leave it again, Mom! Please ..!!" Brad hugged my body vibrate.

"Madam, it was too late. The day before you came, Erichad died, He died in the back of this hut. His body wasvery thin, he was very weak. Just for the sake of waiting he's willing to stand behind this hut, not daring to go into.
he was afraidwhen Mommy comes, Mommy would go again if seenis in, he just hopes to see Mommy of
back of this hut.
Despite pouring rain, with the condition that
weak he kept insisting there waiting for Mistress. "

That's the love story of a child of this mother. It was very touching what had happened to Eric, I hope the lessons of this story we can understand it and there would be no story Eric in real life.

written by Cristine Wili

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