Have You Feeling Happiness | Motivation Story

Every person in this world will surely experience happiness and sadness, meeting and parting, because this is what his name alive. But most people are always considers that he has not been happy and always felt that his life is useless. Wake up buddy, because it's all born of your own thoughts.

Happiness is nothing like the enjoyment and success that so far people think like that. Indeed, to achieve the success we can do whatever we want. But what if your current success was using the dirty way, or done with a heavy heart. Are you happy to achieve it?

Happiness is a thing that obtained with the intention of the self we are earnest and sincere. When you do activities that you like it definitely will not feel so good, as well as happiness. We will never be satisfied if we still regard that happiness is the success and enjoyment.

Do the things you want, as long as it does not harm others. You will feel happier if it was successful you will achieve. So, do not ever feel you have never felt such happiness in this world because every day you've actually experienced it. I can take the example of when you wake up and see how beautiful this world, if you do not feel happy about it? If not, what if when you wake up in the morning and did not see the sun shining on this earth again? You will definitely know about it.

Life is not a book we can read many times and know the ending, but life is an ocean that we will not know where the sea ends it will end. So, do you want to want this time as long as you feel comfortable and do not harm others because it will make you feel real happiness.

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